Friday, November 16, 2007

Knee Jerk Response - Obama and the National Athem

Here's the first of many postings I'm confident will appear under this heading. Just as it suggests, this is my unfiltered, first-thing-in-the-morning (i.e.; when I'm not yet fully awake) responses to news stories that I, inevitably, have some issue with...

Obama: No hand on heart for National Anthem

First, I'm surprised to learn that I've been breaking this law myself since I was previously unaware that you're supposed to cover your heart with your right hand when you hear the National Anthem. It's a wonder I haven't been hauled out of more than one hockey game in the past several years for this "offense".

I'm very curious as to what Obama's motivation is for the uncovered heart. Mine is a very personal conscientious objection to a government that saw fit to conduct atom bomb testing in the 1950's in rural Nevada and Utah that killed (via cancer, radiation exposure, etc.) hundreds of people including my dad, and that it considered those people killed to be "expendible". Any government that views its citizens in this manner does not, in any way, deserve my allegiance.

Therefore, when I don't cover my heart during the National Anthem or I don't recite the Pledge of Allegiance (although I always stand for both) it's a very personal protest even if no one knows it but me. It's a deliberate decision based on principle.

Thus I wonder if Obama's behavior is also deliberate and if so, if there is some message in it. Perhaps he'll comment on it soon.


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