Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Coif for Your Cat

Now I realize there are serious stories out there that should be commented on but when my pal Arthur, papa of two felines, sent me a link to the Kitty Wigs website, I knew this was just the kind of insane magic that simply begged to be blogged about.

Without launching into harsh criticism over how the woman who makes these must be either a.) an alien (and not the illegal kind) or b.) that legendary old lady with a hundred cats, just suffice it to say that this website is a whole lot of bang for your cat wig buck, especially if you're looking to see if your cat could actually launch into orbit like a satellite when you try to put one of these little dandies on it. At least that's what Merlyn the Cat would do and man, that would be entertaining...



Anonymous said...

Isn't it creepy how every cat on kittywigs.com looks like Li'l Kim?

Jamee said...


So would that be Li'l Kim before or after her unfortunate incarceration? :P